What is this boxy thing ?

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It is a Quick Response code (QR code). The Electronic Publishing department at the Queen's Printer is adding them to our sites to improve support for our mobile users.


QR codes can contain information such as a URL, a phone number, a photo, a map, or some text information that may be useful to you. Think of it as a bar code that you can read with your smart phone. The QR code shown above links to a mobile-friendly online version of our BC Laws homepage.

You will need an app (software application) installed on your smart phone to read them. There are many excellent FREE apps available. Search for QR reader and pick a favourite from your mobile app provider.

Once installed, Just launch the app, aim, and your app will take you to whatever is behind the code. No need to type in clunky URLs or make a mistake with a phone number or email address any more. It is as easy as taking a photograph.

You can also print these codes out and use them later.

To generate a QR code click on the QR Code Icon at the top of each Act or Regulation